Spring Break "Staycation" Ideas March 26 2015



It’s springtime!  Put down the TV remote, toss your phone in the drawer, stash the IPad, and let’s get outside! 

If you are a mom or dad, you are probably thinking…”how will I find a week full of activities to entertain my kids during Spring Break?” 

Do not worry!  Party Booty Bags has compiled a list of ideas to help you:


Start the Garden

It may not be warm enough to start planting, but it is definitely time to start planning!  And the kids will enjoy being part of the process.  Thanks to our friends at www.sheknows.com you and your family can start your own garden.     

Check out the steps to starting a garden with your kids:




Letterboxing mixes treasure hunting, art, and navigation while exploring the great outdoors and out-of-the-way places.  It’s like a real life treasure hunt your kids will love!  And, to start you off on your own letterboxing adventure, Party Booty Bags has the perfect Kids Journal to record your letterbox journey.

Check out how to make your own letterbox with your kids:



Spend a day at the park

There is so much to do in the park you can easily fill an entire day with fun activities.  Enjoy a picnic, go biking, or play games like frisbee or hopscotch. 

For tips to create an easy and fun family picnic, click on the link below:



Cooking with Kids

If your kids are like ours, they are constantly asking us to help in the kitchen.  So why not spend a day coming up with some fun meals together.  Not only will you have a great time, but your kids are probably much more likely to eat the foods that they can make together with you.  Amythefamilychef.com has some great tips for all of us. 

Check out some simple guidelines to make cooking safe and enjoyable: