Thanksgiving Recipes for Kids November 25 2014

Picky kids to prepare for this Thanksgiving? We’ve got your back. Take a look at these kid friendly recipes that are easy to make.


Last Minute Appetizers

This Thanksgiving, as you plan the big meal, don’t forget the appetizers! And if you do, take a look at the last minute but yummy options from  

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Turkey Nuggets

What kid doesn’t eat nuggets? This recipe, from, is simple but your kids will love it.

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Turkey Roll Ups


If your kids are like ours, and will eat anything wrapped in a crescent role, they will love this! Thanks to for this great idea!

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Crockpot Biscuits


Biscuits in a crockpot?! This recipe, from, is a simple but tasty treat that everyone will love.

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Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry “Ice Cream” Potatoes

How can kids resist? It looks like ice cream but parents know it’s actually a healthy but fun side dish! We love this idea from .

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Turkey Cake Pops

Who knew you could make cake pops look like turkeys?! These super cute and easy to make pops are sure to be a hit with the kids!

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