Spring is Coming! March 13 2014

With no end in sight to this cold weather, who can think of planning a Spring party?! You! What better way to fight off the last of Winter’s blahs than to plan a warm weather celebration! Check out our Party Planning Timeline below!  Need inspiration? Here are some great ideas on themes for your special boy or girl.  


And to help you out even further, we'll include a checklist to get you through the planning process:


4-6 weeks out:

1. Pick a theme

2. Select a date and time

3. Choose a location and don't forget to make a reservation if necessary

4. Start working on a guest list

5. Think about activities (craft, games, food, cake, favors)

6. Book entertainment

2-4 weeks out:

7. Buy or make, then send out invitations

8. Purchase party supplies

9. Plan a menu

10. Enlist help from friends

11. Order cake

12. Order your party favors at Party Booty Bags (www.partybootybags.com)!!!

1-2 weeks out:

13. Buy decorations

14. Follow up on guest list

15. Gather up any chairs, tables, or other items needed

A Few Days Before:

16. Charge your camera/video camera

17. Start preparing food

18. Set up party room (balloons, tables/chairs, games)

19. Pick up cake and balloons

20. Organize party favors, divide into bags, gift wrap each bag... Oh I forgot…you used Party Booty Bags!!! Never mind, the favors are already wrapped and ready to go!

21. Have FUN!