Party Booty Bags Buzz February 19 2014

See what our customers are saying.  Here are some comments from some of our Party Booty Bags customers.


"I ordered the Retro sunglasses for my daughter's 3rd birthday party at the beach and it was a total success!   The kids were excited to get their favors at the beginning of the party and wear them at the beach!  Working with PBB was great too - they were helpful with deciding what to order and the sunglasses arrived early in really cute little bags!  I will definitely be recommending this service to everyone!"- Erin B., Fairfield, CT


"I wanted special t-shirts for my son's party at a math museum. Party Booty Bags designed a fantastic and creative tee for us!  The kids loved them and it made for a very special party favor." - Michelle M., Fairfield, CT


"My son loves the Party Booty Bag sunglasses he received at a pool party this past summer. He particularly loves the strap and that it states the name of his friend. I love the little "booty bag" that comes with it. It protects the glasses so we can throw them in a beach bag or back pack with no worries about breaking them. Thanks Party Booty Bags for making such a useful product. I am looking forward to having a Party Booty Bag favor at my son's next birthday party in February!”  - Linda B., Fairfield, CT


"The tees for my daughter's party came out looking amazing! They were so popular ome of the moms tried snagging a lager size for themselves! Next time I'll need to doublethe order. THANK YOU Party Booty for the awesome party gifts!" - Kieran M., Westport, CT


"How wonderful to get a gift bag that isn't filled with candy or toys that break in the car on the way home. My son wore his sunglasses all summer long!" - Laurie I., Easton, CT