Planning a Winter Party January 07 2014

Need creative ideas for your child's winter birthday?  This month, with freezing temperatures in the single digits, why not plan a birthday party indoors?  We've got a few ideas for you...

A Winter Wonderland Party!

Here are some ideas for decorations:

  • Hang icicle lights so the icicles hand down the walls.
  • Cut out white snowflake decorations and tape from ceiling.
  • Focus on silver, pink and white decorations to make it really look wintery.
  • Use images of penguins and polar bears to decorate the lunch table or party favor table.

And for food and drinks:

  • Have a hot cocoa bar with all the fixin's.
  • Have a cookie exchange where each kid brings their own cookies and then they share with everyone.
  • And what about a snow cone machine or simply make them from scratch!  Grind ice, scoop it into a paper cone, and add food coloring!

And how about some indoor fun activities:

  • You can have a baking party to make some of the goodies.
  • Cut out winter printable pictures for coloring or decorating such as mittens, candy canes and snowmen.
  • Make a pinata in the shape of something wintery...a snowman, a penguin...pinata's are always a hit!

And the best part will be the favors, of course...when you hand out our fuzzy and warm Personalized Winter Gloves!

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