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Spring Break "Staycation" Ideas March 26 2015



It’s springtime!  Put down the TV remote, toss your phone in the drawer, stash the IPad, and let’s get outside! 

If you are a mom or dad, you are probably thinking…”how will I find a week full of activities to entertain my kids during Spring Break?” 

Do not worry!  Party Booty Bags has compiled a list of ideas to help you:


Start the Garden

It may not be warm enough to start planting, but it is definitely time to start planning!  And the kids will enjoy being part of the process.  Thanks to our friends at www.sheknows.com you and your family can start your own garden.     

Check out the steps to starting a garden with your kids:




Letterboxing mixes treasure hunting, art, and navigation while exploring the great outdoors and out-of-the-way places.  It’s like a real life treasure hunt your kids will love!  And, to start you off on your own letterboxing adventure, Party Booty Bags has the perfect Kids Journal to record your letterbox journey.

Check out how to make your own letterbox with your kids:



Spend a day at the park

There is so much to do in the park you can easily fill an entire day with fun activities.  Enjoy a picnic, go biking, or play games like frisbee or hopscotch. 

For tips to create an easy and fun family picnic, click on the link below:



Cooking with Kids

If your kids are like ours, they are constantly asking us to help in the kitchen.  So why not spend a day coming up with some fun meals together.  Not only will you have a great time, but your kids are probably much more likely to eat the foods that they can make together with you.  Amythefamilychef.com has some great tips for all of us. 

Check out some simple guidelines to make cooking safe and enjoyable:




Thanksgiving Recipes for Kids November 25 2014

Picky kids to prepare for this Thanksgiving? We’ve got your back. Take a look at these kid friendly recipes that are easy to make.


Last Minute Appetizers

This Thanksgiving, as you plan the big meal, don’t forget the appetizers! And if you do, take a look at the last minute but yummy options from SheKnows.com  

Check out the recipes here:



Turkey Nuggets

What kid doesn’t eat nuggets? This recipe, from parenting.com, is simple but your kids will love it.

Check out the recipe here:



Turkey Roll Ups


If your kids are like ours, and will eat anything wrapped in a crescent role, they will love this! Thanks to budgetsavvydiva.com for this great idea!

Check out the recipe here:



Crockpot Biscuits


Biscuits in a crockpot?! This recipe, from momprepares.com, is a simple but tasty treat that everyone will love.

Check out the recipe here:



Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry “Ice Cream” Potatoes

How can kids resist? It looks like ice cream but parents know it’s actually a healthy but fun side dish! We love this idea from www.parenting.com .

Check out the recipe here:



Turkey Cake Pops

Who knew you could make cake pops look like turkeys?! These super cute and easy to make pops are sure to be a hit with the kids!

Check out the recipe here:



Thanksgiving Crafts Blog November 18 2014

Daylight savings just ended and Halloween is over…which means Thanksgiving is just around the corner! It’s time to start thinking about your dinner menu and decorating the house with the little ones.

To help you get ready, we’ve collected some fun crafts the whole family can do together. Read on for a few of Party Booty Bag’s favorite Thanksgiving craft ideas…


Family Gratitude Tree


This is a Party Booty Bags favorite! Thanksgiving is a day known for lots of yummy food but it’s also a day that we get to give thanks for all of the wonderful people in our lives. This craft, from kidsactivitiesblog.com, is a simple but wonderful way to help teach your children to be thankful for everything and everyone that they have.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Craft Paper (patterned paper looks great but plain kraft paper would also be a classic look)
  • String
  • A few Twigs or Tree Branches
  • A Marker
  • A Small Vase with several Small Rocks in the bottom to hold ‘Tree’ upright


  • Cut a leaf shape out of one piece of paper and use that as a template to make as many additional leaves as you would like.
  • Punch a hole in each leaf and tie a piece of string though it.
  • Arrange the twigs/branches in the vase with rocks so they stand up straight and are positioned the way you’d like them to look.
  • Have your kids write something that they are thankful for on each of the leaves.
  • Tie the leaves onto the branches.

Once you’re done, be sure to display this gorgeous tree somewhere where all of your Thanksgiving guests can admire it. Place several blank leaves and a set of markers at the base of the tree and encourage your guests to add their own special Thanks to your creation!


Kids Table Craft Ideas

This Thanksgiving, make the Kids Table THE place to be! Adults will be jealous when they see the fun and crafts happening at the ‘Other’ table!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Butcher’s Paper or White Craft Paper
  • Markers & Crayons


  • Cover the table in paper.
  • Have kids ‘set the table’ by drawing placemats where each plate should go.
  • Place markers and crayons on the table so kids can decorate their place at the table. Hint: Use empty & clean soup cans to hold the markers and crayons!


Place Cards

Make every kid feel special with their own Place Card! We love this idea from www.parents.com!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Standard Size Cupcake Liner
  • Mini Size Cupcake Liner
  • Glue Stick
  • Marker
  • Colored Paper
  • Brown Cardstock (or an actual Place Card)


  • Flatten a standard-size cupcake liner.
  • Draw eyes on a mini cupcake liner.
  • Cut out a beak and a snood (the red thingie that hangs below the turkey’s beak) from colored paper and glue them onto the mini cupcake liner.
  • Glue the mini cupcake liner off-center onto the larger cupcake liner and let dry (see photo above).
  • Once dry, glue the turkey to a folded tent card
  • Add turkey feet and a name with the marker.


Napkin Rings

Who knew toilet paper tubes could be so festive?! These super cute and easy to make Napkin Rings are sure to be a Kids Table hit!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Empty Toilet Paper Tubes
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Construction Paper in Fall Colors
  • Cardstock
  • White Craft Glue
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors


  • Cut the toilet paper tubes into 1¼" to 1½"-wide rings. A standard-size tube will make three rings.
  • Cover the rings with aluminum foil (shiny side up or down) by measuring and cutting a 4"x 6" piece of foil for each ring and wrapping the foil around the ring. Be sure to fold the edges to the inside of the ring.
  • Draw and cut out one or two leaf shapes for each ring onto cardstock to make leaf templates.
  • Trace around the templates with a pencil onto different colored construction paper.
  • Cut out the construction paper leaves.
  • Glue leaves onto the napkin rings using a white glue, like Elmer’s, to adhere the leaves to each napkin ring. Hold the leaves in place until the glue sets.


Sailing Ship Treat Holders

Now that we’ve got the table covered and seats assigned, let’s get down to the fun! These Sailing Ship Treat Holders are super cute and easy to make. Thanks to www.sheekshindigs.com for the fab idea…they show it best so check it out here: http://sheekshindigs.blogspot.com/2010/11/diy-thanksgiving-treat-holders.html


Popcorn Turkey Centerpiece

No table is complete without a centerpiece so here’s a fun ‘turkey’ for the Kids Table, complete with a special surprise inside! Thanks to www.onecharmingparty.com for this tasty idea!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3-4 Bags of Popcorn (plain, not buttered)
  • Large Brown Grocery Bag
  • 2 Small Brown Lunch Bags
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • White Paper



  • Take a sheet of 8 ½”x 11” white paper and cut it in half lengthwise.
  • Fold each half in half lengthwise again and make small cuts on the side with the folded crease to create loops.


  • Drumsticks:

    •  Make one hand into a fist and stick it inside the lunch bag. With your other hand flat, press on the bag to mold and smash it down into a more rounded shape by rounding the corners.
    • Fill the shaped bag 2/3 full with popcorn then gather up the opening of the bag and twist to keep it tight.
    • Cut a piece of frill long enough to wrap around the twisted closure and hot glue onto bag to keep everything in place.
    • Follow the same instructions as the Drumstick to shape the grocery bag by rounding the corners.
    • Fill the bag full with popcorn.
    • Fold the sides of the bag in, tuck the bottom edge under and hot glue the edge shut.
    • Hot glue the legs onto the sides of the “turkey”.

    Party Booty Bags Rainy Day Activities May 22 2014

    Rainy Day Activities

    If you’re like Allison, you have a house full of ideas for rainy day activities and…even better…all the crafts and tools you need to make those ideas come to life. Crinkle paper, she’s got that. Ingredients to make “Goop”? Covered! Karaoke machine? Check.

    If you are like Heather, however, you need to plan everything in advance! No goop, no crinkle, no karaoke...but even she is ready for a rainy day and that’s because we have created a list of fun things you can do in case of dreary weather. So, here we go:

    Make Your Own Goop!

    Who doesn’t love Goop? I don’t know any child who doesn’t love to squeeze, pinch and pull goop. Not only does it entertain them for hours but it also is great for developing fine motor skills. The best part is you probably already have the ingredients in your house!

    What You'll Need:

    1. 1 cup cornstarch
    2. 1/4 cup glue (white craft glue)
    3. 1/2 cup warm water
    4. Food coloring (optional)


    1. Place cornstarch in a medium sized bowl.
    2. Have your child help out by squeezing out the glue into the cornstarch and then have them add half of the water. (If you want to make it colorful, simply use the food coloring and add a few drops of their favorite color).
    3. Mix it all together. As you start blending the water and cornstarch together, it will go from a liquid to a solid. Continue to add water until the mixture comes together but still remains solid.
    4. Start having fun!! If the Goop begins to dry out, add a bit of water. Store the Goop in a plastic bag for future fun!

    Play Dress Up

    Okay, this one is super easy and fun for everyone. Let your kids go through your closets and pretend to be a school teacher, a doctor, or a construction worker. As you know, pretend play is great for kids and its fun to see where their imagination takes them. Don’t forget to keep your camera/video recorder ready!


    You know you want to do it…it’s not just for kids but for the whole family! If you don’t have a real karaoke machine then just put on the radio, grab your air guitar and bring the rock star in you out! Even better, set up a stage area and let the kids pretend they are performing for a crowd of people!

    Movie Marathon

    Kick your feet up, turn on the DVR (or Netflix or Apple TV or Tivo or….) and play all of those movies you love so much. Pop some popcorn, grab some water and snuggle up on the couch with your kiddos.

    Finger (and Feet!) Paint

    This is where the fun really starts. Gather all of your art supplies including your Party Booty Bags customized art smock! Lay a tarp down under your work area and let the silliness begin…making hand prints, foot prints, you name it! Make paintings for Grandma and Grandpa or for Mom or Dad’s office wall. Be sure you are prepared with lots of soap and water to clean up afterwards.

    Build A Fort

    Grab all the pillows from the couches and add in blankets and sheets and build your very own fort! Drape blankets and sheets over high backed dining chairs as well to add ‘rooms’ to this creative world. Who knows, maybe you can get a few minutes of quiet in there where the kids aren’t looking J

    Sing In The Rain

    I know you thought we were only talking about indoor activities but sometimes you just have to sing in the rain! Your kids will love to catch the raindrops on their tongues and stomp in the puddles. Make one inch marks on a container (like an empty pasta sauce jar) and leave out in the rain to measure how much rainfall you get. All this outdoor rainy fun could last for a while so beware!

    For more ideas for rainy day activities, take a look at our Pinterest board here: http://www.pinterest.com/partybootybags/rainy-day-activities/

    EGGSTRAVAGANZA April 06 2014


    We know its spring here at Party Booty Bags the way most people do…the temperature warms up, the crocus peek out from their winter hideout and the calendar announces it from our office wall.

    Around our work space, there is another sign that spring has sprung as well…dozens of eggs arrive on desks. Allison brings in eggs for our tiny team as her 17 hens get back to laying eggs again.

    Heather came up with ideas on what kind of fun we could have with the eggs. Her first thought….baked goods…we could have a feast! Second thought…let’s see how we can use them for outside fun or in a Spring Birthday Celebration!

    Egg & Spoon Race:  Here’s how you play….

    1. Mark a starting line and post flags (one for each team) about 5 yards away from the line.
    2. Create two or more teams and have them stand single file behind the starting line.
    3. The first player in each line balances an egg on a spoon and, on the whistle, races around his team's flag, then back to the starting line to transfer the egg onto a spoon held by the next teammate. That recipient races to the flag and the first runner hands his spoon to the next person in line.
    4. The race continues until one team finishes the course. Anyone who drops an egg must run to the starting line for another before resuming.

    Easter Egg Dyeing Party:  Does your little one’s birthday fall near Easter?  How about a fun egg dyeing party with these cool decoration ideas…and you can send the party guests home with Party Booty Bags Customized Aprons to continue the fun at home!

         Dyeing the Natural Way:

    1. Before starting, don’t forget…even natural colors stain clothes so wear latex gloves and old clothes!
    2. Bring 2 cups of hot water to a boil and add the ingredient from the list below to make your chosen color. Let simmer on medium for 10 minutes, then remove from heat and let cool. Strain the liquid into bowls. Set your hard-boiled eggs into the dyes and let stand in the fridge for 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on how deep you want the color. 
    For purple, add a cup of grape juice and a tablespoon of distilled white vinegar.
    For blue, add a cup of blueberries and a tablespoon of distilled white vinegar.
    For red, add a can of sliced beets and a tablespoon of distilled white vinegar.
    For yellow, add one teaspoon of turmeric and a tablespoon of distilled white vinegar.

         Tie Dyed Eggs:

    1. Slightly moisten a paper towel with white vinegar and wrap it around an egg, making sure it's not layered too thick.
    2. Gently press the tips of food coloring tubes onto the paper towel, using no more than three colors at a time.
    3. Let the covered egg sit for a few minutes, then remove the paper towel to reveal your groovy creation.

    Planting Succulents in Eggs: This is great fun for your little ones. Succulent plants come in tons of amazing colors and are fun to arrange. They are perfect to decorate a picnic, outside party, or any special occasion. Succulents require low water but do require a lot of direct sunlight, so this is definitely an outside garden project. Check out this site for clear instructions on the how-to’s: (http://www.sahomeowner.co.za/2014/01/22/kids-gardening-how-to-make-an-eggshell-succulent-garden/ )


    Egg Hunt:  Of course an egg hunt would make our list! We’ve gathered some fun variations on the traditional hunt here…

         Color Coordinated Egg Hunt:

    1. This is great for kids because everyone has their “assigned” eggs. Assign each child their own color and make sure they all get the same number of eggs.
    2. To make it a little more fun and competitive, choose an unassigned color and hide that egg for all the kids to find.
    3. Ask children to hunt for their egg color.
    4. Whoever finds the “special” egg gets an extra prize.

         Puzzle Egg Hunt:

    1. Create a puzzle with a message or a picture of the kids (or use your Party Booty Customized Photo Puzzle).
    2. Divide up the puzzle pieces, hide each one in an egg and hide the eggs.
    3. Have the kids find all the pieces and see their special picture or read their message once they have put the puzzle together as a team.

         Hidden Treasure Egg Hunt:

    1. Send your team searching for hidden treasure, matey’s!
    2. Make sure they play the part by giving them eye patches and a map!
    3. Leave clues for them to help along the way. Come up with some creative egg stuffers like stickers, doubloons, tattoos, etc…

    For more fun ideas, check out the Party Booty Bags Pinterest Board – Easter Birthday Party: http://www.pinterest.com/partybootybags/easter-birthday-party/

    Birthday Party Etiquette March 14 2014

    Is it a drop off party?  How do I know?  It doesn't say in the invitation.  Should I ask?

    Up until this year, I went to every birthday party that my kids were invited to.  I knew at some point I would no longer be expected to stay.  But I had no idea when that day would come.  Well, it came a few months ago when my 6 year old daughter was a invited to a party. I only found out when we arrived at her friends house and I was the only mom there!  Awkward moment?  Oh Yeah!  But how was I to know?

    This is just one of the many "etiquette" rules that I learned as a parent.  So here are some tips if you are wondering about some of the other rules.

    Should I invite the whole class?

    For some families this is not an option.  Kids parties are very costly and for some, inviting 20 kids is simply not doable.  Many schools have set policies, like inviting the whole class if you are using school to hand out the invitations. If you’re not inviting everyone, it’s worth talking to your kid about discretion, and remind him/her that he/she should keep party talk to him/herself.

    Invitations: email, paper or evite?

    It seems like everyone is using evite for party invitations.  It's easy, convenient, and cheap.  But consider one thing...your kids can't really participate in that and it is their party. If you have the means to do it, maybe opt for paper instead and you can let your child help pick out and write or decorate the invitations.

    Should your child help pick out a present for his/her friend?

    Why not?  As long as you tell them how much you will be spending and what they can/cannot pick, we think its a great learning experience for them. It teaches them about giving, and to think about others.  And, often times, they do know more about what their friend will like. 

    How much money is appropriate to spend?

    There is no right or wrong here.  It's about your particular budget and what you can spend.  As long as you give something to celebrate the kids' special day, the amount isn't important.   

    If you can't go to a party, do you still have to buy a gift?

    Like many of these "rules" a lot of these decisions come down to your own comfort level.  You may choose to if it's someone who attended your child's birthday or if its a really good friend.  A kid's birthday is very different than a bar or bat mitzvah or a wedding which more or less requires a gift regardless.  A kid's party, well, that's up to you.

    Is it okay to bring a sibling to a party?

    For younger kids under the age of 5 parents are usually expected to stay.  So, if you have another child, it's sometimes hard to get a sitter or someone to watch them for the one or two hours you will be at the party.  That said, it's always a good rule to call the party child's parents and ask them what they would prefer.  And as a mom who has done it before, it is always appreciated if you offer to pay any additional costs that could potentially be incurred.

    Birthday Cake Ideas March 14 2014

    If you asked your child what's the best part of a kid's birthday party, what do you think they would say?  OK, other than the Party Booty Bags Favor!  

    The cake!  Will it be a Hulk cake?  A princess?  What color should we make it?  What will the inside be?  So many details to decide upon!  Take a look at some of these amazing cake ideas and get baking for your next birthday party!

    The best part of this is it is organized by theme! 


    Now you are ready to party.  Cake, party favors from Party Booty Bags...it's all good!

    Spring is Coming! March 13 2014

    With no end in sight to this cold weather, who can think of planning a Spring party?! You! What better way to fight off the last of Winter’s blahs than to plan a warm weather celebration! Check out our Party Planning Timeline below!  Need inspiration? Here are some great ideas on themes for your special boy or girl.  


    And to help you out even further, we'll include a checklist to get you through the planning process:


    4-6 weeks out:

    1. Pick a theme

    2. Select a date and time

    3. Choose a location and don't forget to make a reservation if necessary

    4. Start working on a guest list

    5. Think about activities (craft, games, food, cake, favors)

    6. Book entertainment

    2-4 weeks out:

    7. Buy or make, then send out invitations

    8. Purchase party supplies

    9. Plan a menu

    10. Enlist help from friends

    11. Order cake

    12. Order your party favors at Party Booty Bags (www.partybootybags.com)!!!

    1-2 weeks out:

    13. Buy decorations

    14. Follow up on guest list

    15. Gather up any chairs, tables, or other items needed

    A Few Days Before:

    16. Charge your camera/video camera

    17. Start preparing food

    18. Set up party room (balloons, tables/chairs, games)

    19. Pick up cake and balloons

    20. Organize party favors, divide into bags, gift wrap each bag... Oh I forgot…you used Party Booty Bags!!! Never mind, the favors are already wrapped and ready to go!

    21. Have FUN!

    Party Booty Bags Buzz February 19 2014

    See what our customers are saying.  Here are some comments from some of our Party Booty Bags customers.


    "I ordered the Retro sunglasses for my daughter's 3rd birthday party at the beach and it was a total success!   The kids were excited to get their favors at the beginning of the party and wear them at the beach!  Working with PBB was great too - they were helpful with deciding what to order and the sunglasses arrived early in really cute little bags!  I will definitely be recommending this service to everyone!"- Erin B., Fairfield, CT


    "I wanted special t-shirts for my son's party at a math museum. Party Booty Bags designed a fantastic and creative tee for us!  The kids loved them and it made for a very special party favor." - Michelle M., Fairfield, CT


    "My son loves the Party Booty Bag sunglasses he received at a pool party this past summer. He particularly loves the strap and that it states the name of his friend. I love the little "booty bag" that comes with it. It protects the glasses so we can throw them in a beach bag or back pack with no worries about breaking them. Thanks Party Booty Bags for making such a useful product. I am looking forward to having a Party Booty Bag favor at my son's next birthday party in February!”  - Linda B., Fairfield, CT


    "The tees for my daughter's party came out looking amazing! They were so popular ome of the moms tried snagging a lager size for themselves! Next time I'll need to doublethe order. THANK YOU Party Booty for the awesome party gifts!" - Kieran M., Westport, CT


    "How wonderful to get a gift bag that isn't filled with candy or toys that break in the car on the way home. My son wore his sunglasses all summer long!" - Laurie I., Easton, CT

    Winter Party Activities January 10 2014

    Planning your own Winter Party for your child can be overwhelming.  You are probably asking yourself, "how can i keep 20 kids entertained in my house for 2 hours?!  Well, we tracked down some fun and creative activities for you and your party-goers.  

    Take a look...



    Snowball toss game. Great for cold winter days or a new years party with kids.


    Kids Party Food Ideas January 10 2014

    How often do you go to a party and pizza is THE menu?  A large majority of kids' parties do it and to be honest, kids love it.  But, wouldn't it be nice to change it up a bit?  We all know what a challenge it is to serve food that every kid likes.  If your kids are anything like mine, tastes can change at the drop of a dime.  So when you are planning a party, sometimes it can be tough to plan a menu that kids will love (and parents can be happy about).  Well Pop Sugar can help.  Take a look at this article and try an idea at your next party.  Maybe we can start a new trend??   


    Pancake Station



    Planning a Winter Party January 07 2014

    Need creative ideas for your child's winter birthday?  This month, with freezing temperatures in the single digits, why not plan a birthday party indoors?  We've got a few ideas for you...

    A Winter Wonderland Party!

    Here are some ideas for decorations:

    • Hang icicle lights so the icicles hand down the walls.
    • Cut out white snowflake decorations and tape from ceiling.
    • Focus on silver, pink and white decorations to make it really look wintery.
    • Use images of penguins and polar bears to decorate the lunch table or party favor table.

    And for food and drinks:

    • Have a hot cocoa bar with all the fixin's.
    • Have a cookie exchange where each kid brings their own cookies and then they share with everyone.
    • And what about a snow cone machine or simply make them from scratch!  Grind ice, scoop it into a paper cone, and add food coloring!

    And how about some indoor fun activities:

    • You can have a baking party to make some of the goodies.
    • Cut out winter printable pictures for coloring or decorating such as mittens, candy canes and snowmen.
    • Make a pinata in the shape of something wintery...a snowman, a penguin...pinata's are always a hit!

    And the best part will be the favors, of course...when you hand out our fuzzy and warm Personalized Winter Gloves!

    See our pinterest page at  http://www.pinterest.com/partybootybags/



    Mason's Winter Wonderland 2nd Birthday Party - Winter Wonderland Party Ideas  hot cocoa bar